1. I spent a few days last week shooting for Monkstone Knitwear in various locations around Cornwall. Shooting Autumn/Winter in summer gets very hot but this was such a fun one to shoot.

  2. I’ve just spent a month riding recycled bikes with trailers around Northern Spain and down the West coast of portugal with my good friend Fiona. All shot on film with 3 cameras, 2 of which came back broken. Take a look at the full story at www.recyclingtheciclovia.tumblr.com

  3. I just came across a self portrait I took in BC a couple of years ago standing on The Cheif in Squamish on Elite Daily. The joys of Tumblr. 

  4. I’ve just spent the last 10 days on a square rig Schooner sailing Rum to Amsterdam with a crew of Dutch sailors across the North Sea. Photos to come soon.

  5. Myself and Becky Mcdonald Spent a couple of days last week dressing the shop window at Something Else design book store in Bristol. To coincide with the launch of The Outsiders, I hung 4 giclee prints amongst some of my camera collection, my Grandads old axe, couple of copies of the book and a nice little Tolkien quote I laid out. Becky filled the smaller window with her awesome pinfelt wolf and mountain scene. Check out more of her work here.

    I’m really pleased how it all came together, go take a look if you’re in Bristol and see what other design related treats they have at Something Else.

  6. It’s always so nice to see your photos in print… and there are about 5000 of these kicking around Porthleven at the moment. Really happy how they turned out.

  7. Some of my selections from on board Bessie Ellen this week. I hope Dave didn’t mind me following him around too much, he was photo gold.

  8. Bessie Ellen is Britain’s last wooden coasting ketch still under sail. She traded during the final era of sail when these ships were an everyday sight in the small ports and harbours throughout Britain.

    Last week I was lucky enough to sail on her from Fowey to Falmouth alongside The 32 meter schooner “Tres Hombres” which has been transporting fair trade goods around the world and coming to port to deliver a barrel of 15 year old ‘New Dawn’ fine rum, distilled by Oliver and Oliver and Traded by the New Dawn Traders.

    I shot this short film clip while taking photos for The New Dawn Traders.

  9. I’ve spent hundreds on books published by Gestalten over the years, so I was pretty happy when they asked to use some of my photos in their new book ‘The Outsiders’. So happy with how they turned out and I got a little intro. (That’s not my cover image)

    Pick a copy up here.

  10. A couple of the photos I have in ‘The Outsiders’ book are used in the promotional video by Gestalten.

  11. I’ve just finished working on campaign assets for Porthleven Food & Music Festival. The theme of the festival this year is ‘Local Food, Global Stage’, so working with local seafood restaurant Kota Kai, I shot a dish that combines the two with a range of instruments thrown in for good measure.

  12. Gestalten are using one of my images on their homepage. Stoked.

  13. Excited about being involved in this. More to come soon…

  14. I’ve been sifting through albums of old negs lately and came across this series I shot years ago of an Old barber shop opposite the house I grew up in in Cornwall. I think it was my first experience of shooting someone I didn’t know.

  15. I spent the early part of this week working with a film crew, shooting stills for a film about retired Welsh professional boxer Joe Calzaghe and his Dad and trainer Enzo at thier gym in Wales. It’s cold and wet in the Valleys this time of the year but kept entertained by Enzo’s rellentless energy.